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WhatsApp Plus v2.22 Apk Crack Download Get Here

WhatsApp company updates their software daily and add extra features in their new tool which name is the plus. This app works very rapidly for IOS users. A few weeks ago Whats App creates it and now it’s available for premium users to download it in android devices.

WhatsApp Plus v2.22 Apk Crack

WhatsApp Plus is an updating its app are very rapidly within periods of week new update is now available for a user. Just a few months ago Whats App Plus launch and it’s available for install in android smartphones. We provide you cracked version.


  • COLORFUL: Basically it is customizable Whats App you can change easily lots of colors, size, and many other elements.
  • SOME EXTRA UPLOAD LIMIT: In the addition, you increase the upload limit of media and stock limit is 16 Mb you send a large amount of music files and videos.
  • SEND YOUR ORIGINAL PIC: You easily increase quality pictures sent (by default resolution)
  • AD FREE: No adds in original WhatsApp
  • QUICK TIMESHARE: You share a music in just with one click.
  • PARTIAL COPY AND PASTE: Select a part you want to copy a form of text rather a copying of whole text & you send it people in your contact list.
  • WATCH STATUS: Directly watch a status in chat room screen with Whats Plus v2.22.
  • HIDE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE: Easily hide your contact profile picture show all phonebook pictures in the chat screen.
  • LOAD THEMES: Included with theme viewer/downloader. Check your WhatsApp users themes online and apply the theme that you like.
  • NO LIMIT of BAN any accounts.

How To Install?

  1. First, you Download WhatsApp Plus v2.22 Apk Crack and save to your computer or mobile Phone.
  2. Take Backup of chats and broadcast list.
  3. Delete and Uninstall Whats is already installed in your personal Device.
  4. Open APK and now install Android app phone.
  5. Now follow your screen instruction. Accept installation with Accept button.
  6. Congrats, now successfully installed on your own device.
  7. Now Restore Backup to get the all chat & broadcast list is back.
  8. Enjoy in your device
  9. Also, remember to enable an option to install the third party apps.


  • Fixed all problem in sending images
  • Fixed your record voice notes
  • Re-appearance of basic WhatsApp
  • Fix not open new conversation
  • Fixed not add your new names of broadcast messages
  • Fix stopping problem
  • Not Fixed- problem in Share Video Using Gallery – you want to send video, enter Whats App > attach and chose the video.

I hope you really happy to use WhatsApp this application for your smartphones and iPhone operating system. In the next some weeks you easily use the WhatsApp in the windows and Mac.


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