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Boom Beach Hack with Online Cheats 2016 Free Download

Boom Beach Hack is a wonderful new strategic game that developed and released by WARNER SVEPRSL. It is similar to the type of operating systems like a Windows and android. This game is same to the another online gaming designing technologies.

That have to run game requires on the Internet Storm ashore & destroy is your best enemies, This combat action game which must defend your use militaria from on beach, to expand forces with new weapons and working cheats. Boom beach cheats game free to play, however, rule out steps to developed faster, you buy the boom beach diamond hack but don’t worry we provide you all tools free of cost.

Boom Beach Hack

Boom Beach Hack 2016 Features:

  • Explore various islands & battle with the enemies & gain the treasures
  • Play with the thousands of users around over in the world online – battle with them.
  • Discover power of mysterious ancient the status & crystal life
  • Fantastic graphics in HD with the easy user interface

Boom Beach Hack Server information:

Servers IP Status
Our Private server Online ok
Public Server 1 Online ok
Public Server 2 Online ok

How To Connect Boom Beach Hack?

Android (rooted):

  1. Install Hosts Editor from following links are below.
  2. Press on the + symbol at on the top.
  3. In IP Address field Box, you type any of Server IP Listed Above.
  4. In the Hostname field box, type game.boombeachgame.com.
  5. Open the Boom Beach you should connect. If you get any error you try to reinstalling.

iOS (Jailbroken)

  1. Open the /etc/hosts with file browser & text editor (same like the iFile)
  2. you Add new row bottom file: “ game.boombeachgame.com” (without any quotes)
  3. Reinstall Boom Beach Unlimited Hack.

Android (Unrooted)

This is not a recommended. If it possible, use the rooted version of the guide. This only is used on Wifi Connection.

  1. Open the Settings & go to Wifi.
  2. Hold down on Wifi connection you connected and checkbox mark the Advance options.
    In IP Setting drop-down, and press Static.
  3. Under the IP Address, type any internal IP address, on home networks it is usually safe to type And check network configuration to find the what should you using.
  4. Under the gateway, enter  you type router IP. This usually or on all home networks.
  5. Under the both DNS 2 and DNS 1 type
  6. Remember this, not normal server IP.
  7. Open Boom Beach and you connected now!

iOS for (Non-jailbroken)

This not recommended.You use the Jailbroken guide if it possible. This method only works on the Wifi connections.

  1. Go to your device WiFi settings and click on “i” in a circle next to WiFi network connected to.
    Scroll down you until seeing the DNS. Delete those numbers & replace with this address
  2. Open the Boom Beach connected!.
  3. You Simply Download/Install MOD IPA

Boom Beach Hack Video Tutorial:

Important Note for boom beach hack and cheats users:

  • If this Boom Beach Hack mod is not working, you must clear your App Data and try again.
  • The server is automatically restarted before in every 20 minutes you disconnected for the 30seconds in every the 20 minutes. To connected the again close the boom beach from in task manager and reopen it again.
  • Importantly comment if Boom Beach Hack work 🙂

Some Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you the get (login failed) and your connection are lost from the server, Simply you close the boom beach hack from the task manager. Disconnect your internet from a device. And wait for a 1 minute reconnect the internet and reopen.If you still face these type of issues then you do same as but before you reopen the boom beach you must be clear app data.

Friends I hope you will enjoy this game on your smartphones. last time i check the graph of users and i shoked. Because the millions of users play this game daily and all people show the owesome review about the boom beach.

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